Enhanced digital marketing leadership at the Vice President level.

Most often, these roles are previously established and are open as the result of a voluntary departure or confidential search for a replacement hire when goals are not being achieved. Titles can be wide ranging but there are several common VP level roles we fill.

Vice President of Digital Marketing

These roles usually focus on strategy development, measurement and implementation through a team they lead and manage. These roles also typically work closely with Chief Marketing Officers or Chief Digital Officers in driving digital transformation.

Vice President of Marketing

As a staffing and recruiting agency, we place digitally savvy Vice Presidents of Marketing. These are often confidential searches to replace a more traditionally minded marketing leader with a more digitally focused leader. Clients often lack the digital marketing strategic thinking or operational execution needed to be successful on their own. In most cases, our clients are focused on accelerating their digital transformation from a marketing perspective. Depending on the size of the team, the VP of Marketing might focus predominantly on strategy and measurement and less on implementation.

Vice President of Digital Strategy

These roles typically lead teams focused on the development, implementation and optimization of digital strategies aimed at achieving marketing objectives. These can be wide-ranging roles within an organization,  sometimes this is a new role and other times this is a replacement role. When we replace a current role due to a non-voluntary departure, it is often as a result of a need for more specific skill sets, missing attributes, or misaligned values.

Vice President of Content Strategy

These are often new roles in an organization in charge of all things related to content across a variety of marketing channels. Their teams are responsible for understanding user personas and optimizing content across appropriate channels. Maximizing cross channel optimization is an area organizations struggle with the most. The goal is to create meaningful and measurable engagement that aligns with marketing goals.

Vice President of User Experience Or Vice President of Global Design

These are often new roles in an organization. These roles oversee all aspects of user experience, typically organize the UX team, and advocate its value to the rest of the company. These people are usually a mix of strategist, collaborator, educator and, often, evangelist. We often help with replacement hires when one of these elements is missing.

Vice President of eCommerce

These roles can be new or replacement roles. The VP of Ecommerce is accountable for the overall strategy and success of ecommerce efforts. This can be a replacement role when results are not being achieved or a new role when an organization has grown to a point where a highly skilled and dedicated leader becomes necessary.

Vice President in General

There are many different titles when it comes to the VP level of digital marketing. All are aimed at the purpose of achieving marketing outcomes and it is likely we have deep experience filling the roles you need.

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