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We know there is a talent war for top digital-first leadership.

And we understand that not having the talent you need, as quickly as you need it, makes it extraordinarily difficult to achieve organizational and personal success.

Focused on digital marketing and digital transformation recruiting since 2008.

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Founded by a successful digital marketing agency owner specifically to address the shortcomings of executive search.

We work with agencies, emerging and high-growth brands, legacy brands, mid-size business to Fortune 10 companies.

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Marrying Product and Digital Marketing with Mike Kolb

Marrying Product and Digital Marketing with Mike Kolb

Product marketing drives demand and adoption of a product through a go-to-market strategy, product messaging, thought leadership, and awareness building among target customers. Digital marketing promotes products and services using the Internet and other forms of digital communication. Effectively marrying product marketing and digital marketing is necessary for a product company to reach its potential. Product and Digital Marketing veteran Mike Kolb joins us to share advice on how to bring product and digital marketing together in a way that maximizes results.

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