We help hiring managers quickly identify and hire unique talent.

We exist to help our clients outperform their competition through better talent acquisition. Our candidate search process places people with proven experience to work for you, while helping candidates elevate their careers. Our fee structure is straightforward, helping to streamline the process.

C-Suite Digital Leadership

We seek out the most transformational, high-impact Chief Digital Officers, digitally savvy Chief Marketing Officers, and growth-focused Chief Revenue Officers who get that robust digital channels are absolutely critical for success in the role.

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Vice Presidents that Enhance Digital Leadership

These indispensable roles vary from the experienced VP of Marketing charged with overall marketing strategy, to newly created progressive roles such as the innovative VP of Content Strategy.

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Directors that Amplify Digital Marketing

These cornerstone roles require trailblazing, results-proven leaders to develop, implement and execute marketing initiatives.

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Do you have a critical digital role to fill?

As an executive digital-first staffing and recruiting agency, TeamBuilder Search helps get the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things.

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