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The most transformational, high-impact Chief Digital Officers, digitally savvy Chief Marketing Officers, and growth-focused Chief Growth Officers and Chief Revenue Officers know robust digital channels are absolutely critical for success in the role. Typically, these are roles that focus mainly on strategy and measurement but sometimes also have their hands in implementation as well. Often these roles are confidential searches.

Chief Digital Officers

We place CDO’s focused on driving digital transformation and optimizing an organization’s marketing strategies and internal processes. This is often a new role for our clients who are increasing their focus on digital transformation. As an executive staffing and recruiting agency, we often replace Chief Digital Officers when they simply are not suitably skilled to climb the next figurative digital transformation mountain. However, many of our CDO roles are focused mainly on marketing. Clients often need a more strategically minded CDO, a more technically minded CDO, or a CDO with strength in implementation.

Chief Marketing Officers

As executive recruiters, we place digitally savvy CMO’s. These are often confidential searches to replace a more traditionally minded CMO with someone more digitally focused. Clients often lack the strategic thinking or operational execution needed to be successful. In most cases, our clients are focused on accelerating their digital transformation from a marketing perspective. Depending on the size of the team, the CMO might focus more on strategy and measurement and less on implementation.

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Chief Growth Officer

In many organizations, the CMO role evolves to a Chief Growth Officer with a broader responsibility base. These evolving CMOs are tasked with strategic business planning that results in profitable growth. Since these are often new roles for an organization, we are often tasked with finding a CMO that is qualified and capable of aligning an organization with the way the modern consumer researches and purchases products.

Chief Revenue Officer

In many organizations, the Vice President of Sales role evolves in a Chief Revenue Officer with responsibility for driving revenue growth across sales, marketing, and customer success departments. These are often new roles for an organization and can require skills that are difficult to find in one person. We help with these executive roles when skills such as digital marketing, demand generation, brand and category creation, and paid acquisition are important.

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Thought Leadership Articles

Thought Leadership Articles
The Critical Key to Recruiting Success

The Critical Key to Recruiting Success

We used to live in a world where the big ate the small. Now, we live in a world where the fast eat the slow. The velocity of business may be rapidly increasing, but the business world is facing a talent shortage. An organization’s ability to identify and hire talent will be directly proportional to their success, so talent acquisition should be a core strategic focus for today’s business leaders.

3 Keys to the Champion Mindset of a CDO

3 Keys to the Champion Mindset of a CDO

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is typically a company’s principal leader in the digital transformation process. 84% of companies fail at digital transformation, and the average tenure of a CDO is shorter than other C-Suite roles. Of course, there are many reasons for this; it isn’t easy to serve as the primary transformation leader and intermediary between other executives and functions in the creation and rollout of digital initiatives. In order to be successful as a CDO, you must have a champion mindset.

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