Case Studies That Illustrate How We Help Build Great Leadership Teams

Here are several prime examples of how TeamBuilder Search has helped numerous companies find and hire the absolutely best digital marketing talent.

We helped these companies move to the next level.

Chief Digital Officer

Learn how TeamBuilder Search helped a high-growth, digital-focused organization find their new Chief Digital Officer.

Director of Digital Marketing

Why a leading global provider in the food service and food retail industry turned to TeamBuilder Search to lead the way to find their new Director of Digital Marketing.

Director of Digital Strategy

How a successful and innovative marketing agency chose TeamBuilder Search as the means to finding their next Director of Digital Strategy.

Vice President of Sales

Why a leading EduTech SaaS provider looked to TeamBuilder Search to locate a strategically-minded VP of Sales.

Digital Marketing- Savvy Chief Revenue Officer

How TeamBuilder Search identified the very best candidate for a leading innovator of security solutions.

Finding Four Digital Marketing-Savvy Leaders

How we helped an emerging company working to simplify the buying and selling of alternative media hire four critical digital marketing-savvy leadership roles.

Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Experience

How we helped an international food service manufacturer and retailer secure a Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Experience.

Do you have a critical digital role to fill?

As an executive digital-first staffing and recruiting agency, TeamBuilder Search helps get the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things.

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