8 Tips for Interviewing Digital Paid Media People

The power of Digital Paid Media is extraordinary. You can boost brand awareness, amplify your reach, enhance your targeting, maximize your content marketing, and gather incredibly finite market insights. Here are the top 8 tips for interviewing Digital Paid Media candidates:

1. Ask about their experience

Ask candidates about their experience with digital paid media. Firstly, ask about the campaigns they’ve run in the past. Paid media has a variety of uses and campaigns differ widely, so take note of details that may be relevant to your specific role. Finally, ask candidates about the results they’ve achieved and how they measure success.

2. Assess their technical knowledge

There are more than 20 significant social media channels. There are also search engine ads, affiliate advertising, banner ads, and native advertising. Not each of these will be appropriate for your business. Determine what prior knowledge is needed versus what can be learned on the job. Check if candidates have experience with the latest trends and features in digital advertising.

3. Evaluate their analytical skills

The required level of hands-on involvement varies greatly depending on the organization and specific campaign. However, analytical skills remain crucial for measuring success of paid media campaigns. Ask candidates how they measure and analyze campaign performance. Also, ask how they use data to optimize campaigns and drive results.  

4. Ask about their communication skills

Communication responsibilities for a digital paid media professional vary depending on the organization and campaign. For more on that, read our article on hiring your next Digital Paid Media professional. Determine the communication responsibilities of your role, then ask candidates how they communicate with those people. Ask how they explain complex concepts, reports, and data to non-technical people.


5. Assess their creativity and problem-solving skills

Paid media campaigns tend to require creativity and problem-solving skills. For this reason, ask candidates how they come up with new ideas and strategies to improve campaign performance. Ask about their previous experience and take note of relevant details pertaining to campaigns they’ve run in the past.

6. Assess their team collaboration skills

The communication responsibilities of a Digital Paid Media Professional vary greatly. Digital Paid Media professionals may be part of an account team, a marketing team, a large digital paid media team, or they may work largely alone. Paid media campaigns often involve working with other teams or agencies. Ask candidates about their experience collaborating with other teams, managing projects, and leading teams.  

7. Check their understanding of marketing

Paid media is just one part of the marketing mix. Check if candidates have a good understanding of marketing principles and how paid media fits into the bigger picture. How will digital paid media campaigns support your organizations’ goals? How will the paid media professional in your role be expected to support those goals?

8. Evaluate their passion for learning

The digital advertising landscape changes very frequently. As a result, Digital Paid Media candidates must be willing to learn and adapt. Ask candidates how they stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Do they attend conferences or take courses? Do they read industry blogs?

Final Thoughts

In general, make sure to ask open-ended questions that allow candidates to showcase their skills, experience, and knowledge. Also, use hypothetical scenarios or real-life case studies to assess their problem-solving skills and how they approach challenging situations. These 8 tips will help you effectively interview Digital Paid Media people. To discuss your next Digital Paid Media hire, contact us.

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