Top 10 Mistakes In Digital Transformation

Al Franken once said, "Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your 'mistakes' for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it's a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from." Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. Mistakes and missteps are easy to come by, but many failures are also easily avoided. Here are ten mistakes to avoid in your digital transformation journey:

1. Moving too slowly

Speed doesn’t kill; slowness kills. The leadership team of any organization needs to be ready to move quickly. It is their responsibility to spearhead the transformation quickly and set the pace for the rest of the organization. For this reason, avoid the mistake of moving too slowly.

2. Not thinking small enough

Thinking big can have bad consequences. Instead, seek to achieve small but fast successes. Small but fast successes are better than complicated, time-consuming goals. This sets a tone of success and confidence within the organization, and also produces quick results for stakeholders.

3. Not being courageous

Cowering the in corner will not help anyone. Have the courage to take calculated risks and do not be paralyzed by indecision. Having the courage to take calculated risks leads to progress in your digital transformation journey.

4. Not giving your team permission to fail

An all-or-nothing attitude towards success sets up your team for failure. An all-or-nothing attitude towards success can prevent your team from taking chances and thus making no progress at all. Give your team permission to fail. This enables your team to learn, grow, and be successful.

5. Not being “all in”

You cannot win by quitting. Instead, persevere when the going gets tough. Once you have set your course, commit to not turning back. If you and your team fully commit to stick it out and work together, the confidence level will increase and bigger challenges can be conquered.

6. Not taking an outside-in view of your organization before implementing change

Thinking about the needs of your organization, ahead of the needs of the organizational stakeholders, is a fast path to failure. In your digital transformation journey, think first about serving and enabling stakeholders.

7. Not focusing on outcomes

A ship without a compass will end up on the rocks– sooner rather than later. Ensure that your leadership team sets clear goals. Then, determine how those goals will be achieved and how success will be measured.

8. Not emphasizing technology enablement

Technology can be a killer or an accelerator. Organizations must, in a timely manner, implement automation that enables business outcomes in the most efficient manner possible.

9. Not leveraging data

Don’t lean on intuition when you have facts. Glean intelligence from your data in order to drive continuous learning and improvement.

10. Not having the right set of talent

The wrong people will get you the wrong results. In digital transformation, it is crucial to assemble the right team of talented people. Ensure that this team can work collaboratively. Without this solid foundation, the process is likely to experience numerous setbacks and failures.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of potholes on the road to digital transformation. Avoid these ten fatal mistakes, and contact us to discuss your journey towards digital transformation.

Posted by Mark Whitman

Mark Whitman is the founder of TeamBuilder Search. Mark’s mission is to help clients recruit the top five percent of digital marketing executives, taking great satisfaction in helping clients out-recruit their competition. In the process of fulfilling his mission, he takes great care to help digital marketing leaders elevate their careers. People say Mark owns a recruiting and staffing company. He says he owns a life improvement company. To learn more about Mark visit our Leadership page.
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