Four Tips to Keep Frequent Moves from Hurting Your Career

If you have made a few career moves in a short period of time, then hiring managers may consider you a job hopper. You may already be aware that this label is usually not seen in a positive light.

Portray Yourself in a Different Way

Once you rack up a certain amount of mileage on your resume at a variety of different roles, it can be difficult to portray yourself in a different way. Fear not!

Here are four career tips to beat the job hopper label and show hiring managers that you are their next MVP.

Tip 1.

Make sure you are running toward something. One of the best reasons for job-hopping is to blaze your own trail towards a unique, tailored-to-you career. Part of the beauty of the modern work economy is that it is easier for people to create their own career tracks. You can combine experience from different arenas as you journey toward your ultimate dream job.

Sit down and think about that dream job and the goals you want and need to accomplish along the way. How have your previous positions helped you on that journey? How will your next role change put you a step closer to achieving those career goals? Formulate your plan, then be ready and able to speak about it clearly and with enthusiasm with hiring managers.

Tip 2.

Make sure you are not running away from things. Or, if you are running away from something in your past or current position, don’t make it the focus of your career search or interview conversations. Doing so only puts you in a negative light and can come off looking like making excuses.

Bad-mouthing or gossip will never help you get the next role. If you speak badly about a former employer to a hiring manager, they will wonder what you might say about them in the future. Keep it positive!

Tip 3.

Make sure you have a full understanding of the career opportunities that a particular position and organization can offer. Also, make sure you fully grasp the responsibilities and scope of the duties and goals of both the position and organization.

Do your homework with online research and don’t be afraid to ask questions during the interview and when you speak to HR managers or hiring managers. You can also connect with current and former employees on LinkedIn to get a deeper understanding. Doing your homework in these areas shows hiring managers that you hold a deep interest in their organization and the work required of the position and that you are committed to the common goals.

Tip 4.

Think about your life outside of work. What hobbies or interests do you have? If you can demonstrate that you are committed to a pet project or have developed an in-depth knowledge of and passion for a particular hobby, organizations may appreciate that passion and see that you are someone who holds to commitments.

This may make you appealing as a worker, and hiring managers may be eager to put you on their teams.

Final Thoughts

The appearance of job-hopping can make it difficult to obtain that next role. However, if you focus on these four things, you will be well on your way to moving up your own career ladder and working towards the career goals of your dreams.

Written by Mark Whitman

Mark Whitman is the founder of TeamBuilder Search. Mark’s mission is to help clients recruit the top five percent of digital marketing executives, taking great satisfaction in helping clients out-recruit their competition. In the process of fulfilling his mission, he takes great care to help digital marketing leaders elevate their careers. People say Mark owns a recruiting and staffing company. He says he owns a life improvement company. To learn more about Mark visit our Leadership page.
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