August 30, 2022 | Career Advancement Tips

Top Four Things to Do When Working With a Recruiter

Working with a recruiter is a collaborative effort.

Recruiters can match you with a great organization that fits your goals, skill set, and cultural fit. However, don’t expect your recruiter to do all the work. Working with a recruiter is a collaborative effort. Here are four things you must do in order to work effectively with your recruiter:

1. Clear and effective communication from the beginning.

When working with a recruiter, be open about the type of role you are seeking. Be honest about the size of the organization you prefer and the type of culture you thrive in. For example, if you feel you would do best in a small start-up, tell your recruiter right away. In this case, don’t waste time going through rounds of screening and interviews with large organizations. 

Be responsive throughout the process. Don’t suddenly end communication with your recruiter without warning. If you are no longer interested in an opportunity you discussed with your recruiter, let them know. This allows them to find another candidate for that role. It also allows them to assist you in looking for a role that is a better fit for you.

2. Convey your compensation and benefits package expectations.

No one likes to bring this up right off the bat. But when working with a recruiter, get clear on what you desire and expect. Some people are undervalued in the professional world. Your recruiter is on your side to help you make what you are worth.

As you grow in your career, moving up the compensation ladder is a reasonable expectation. This can be an exciting journey, but your pace has to be within the boundaries of the market. Keep your skillset and experience in mind when talking to your recruiter about compensation. Above all, be realistic about what the market will offer.

3. Be gracious and respectful.

When working with a recruiter, be gracious and respectful. If your journey with your recruiter does not end in the result you were hoping for, accept the decision. Recruiters work hard to do all they can to get you in the best role. However, there are times when it just doesn’t work out.

Keep in mind, though, that a “no” with one organization can lead to a “yes” with another organization. This other organization could turn out to be a better fit for you. Express gratitude to your recruiter and keep it professional. As a result, they will continue to keep you in mind as new roles arise. 

4. Demonstrate your competence.

When working with a recruiter, demonstrate your competence. Recruiters participate heavily in the candidate selection process. They usually cannot say “yes” when making a hiring decision. However, they typically can say “no” and screen you out. Demonstrate the competencies that will help you be successful in the role for which you are interviewing. For example, if the role requires you to be organized and act with urgency, then demonstrate those behaviors in your interactions with your recruiter.

Final Thoughts

A good recruiter can be your biggest ally in the job hunt. There are many ways to leverage your relationship with your recruiter. Though things can vary depending on the industry and the individual recruiter, the four strategies I have shared work across the board. Contact us for more information. 

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