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Jen Wells

Before coming to TeamBuilder Search, Jen spent many years working as an interactive project manager and interactive account manager. Previous to her interactive career Jen worked in the traditional marketing arena.

In her interactive career, Jen served as the interactive lead on her accounts. Clients trusted her to recommend the best strategies and tactics to drive their bottom line. She also led the creation and implementation of plans for her interactive projects to ensure clients’ timelines and budgets were followed. Jen worked closely with a talented team of designers and developers to create award-winning results. During her agency experience, she helped manage the integration process to support and promote the merger of a traditional advertising agency and a digital agency.

Jen enjoys serving at her church and volunteering for Big Brother Big Sister. Her "me" time seems to always be preparing for or running in the next big race. Of course, "me" time is getting hard to find as it keeps getting swallowed up by "mommy" time. Part of Jen’s ongoing commitment to physical fitness training now includes dashes, leaps and blindingly fast acts of contortion in order avert trips to the local children’s urgent care.